Our animals would love your support  

Rose Ranch is in need of ongoing funds to help us continue providing a safe place for more than 70 animals! Thank you to everyone who donated. Please donate now and in the future.


Mom, dad, and babies

Photo by Michael Howell - Lucy is a busy mamma who also works with Michael in his magic shows

Michael Howell's passion to help animals began in his childhood when he rescued his first dog.  When Michael realized there were animals that needed homes he began the dream to have a place for them.  With his father's help, Terry Howell, Michael searched for property and began Rose Ranch Animal Rescue.  Knowing certain types of animals have less rescues available, the ranch primarily focuses on farm animals.  With funding, Michael hopes to be able to take in other animals in the near future.  The entire Howell family supports the ranch in honor of Terry Howell's life.