Notice: Rose Ranch Animal Rescue will be making a few major changes.  Unfortunately, we did not receive enough funding for the current location which has become too expensive due to conditions and need for repairs. As a result the ranch will be relocating to a better facility (NOT CLOSING), and we will update that information on our website and Facebook page when the move is complete.

In the best interest of the animals' health and well being, we are putting many animals up for adoption. If you are able to provide a loving home, please consider taking an animal or two to join your family. Once we are relocated, we plan to slowly rebuild the ranch by taking in one animal at a time. It has always been the goal of  Rose Ranch Animal Rescue to be a facility for animals to have a safe place to rehabilitate and adopt out those that are able to join a loving family.

This is a new beginning and we thank you for your continued support.

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Rose Ranch Animal Rescue is a new animal rescue in Avra Valley, Arizona, rescuing & adopting out all types of animals.

Please donate using one of the methods below.

Can't donate time but still want to help?  Rose Ranch Animal Rescue also accepts donations!  Although monetary donations are best, we will also take items such as feed, ranch equipment, trucks, trailers, building materials, etc.  Please mail all monetary donations to P.O. Box 871 Cortaro, AZ. 85652.  For donations other than monetary please call 520-258-9600.